Real Estate Yard Signs

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Creekview Realty Yard Sign

All our signs have a local phone number for your area (see samples below), or a toll-free number. One sign is included in your listing fee.

MLS rules prohibit a seller’s phone number on MLS members’ real estate company signs. When a buyer calls us, we refer them to the seller and do not attempt to show the house to make a commission. We explain to buyers what we do so they don’t get confused and are more likely to work directly with the seller.

Sign Frames

We provide you with a sturdy frame like the one you see in the photo. It is an “L angle” sturdy steel frame. We pre-drill holes in the side to allow for mounting of the flyer box, as shown in the photo, and we even supply the proper screws.

Flyer Boxes – $25 (click here to purchase a flyer box)

Our flyer boxes can hold 100 standard size flyers, and have a lid at the top (see Photo). The plexi-glass front allows prospects (and nosey neighbors) to easily see when the box has flyers in it.

Info Tubes

An alternative to the flyer box is an “Info Tube”, which is shown in 2 of the photos of For-Sale-By-Owner signs. They are awkward to use, and at times someone may tug on a flyer and the whole batch ends up all over your lawn. They are cheap and always available at Home Depot and Lowe’s. We don’t supply info tubes and we don’t recommend them.

Examples of our real estate signs with corresponding local telephone numbers:

5 Real Estate Signs

*”For Lease” sign available but not shown. Same formatting as other signs, and has 800 phone number.

6 reasons why using a “For-Sale-By-Owner” type sign is a mistake


1) For-Sale-By-Owner signs attract 3 kinds of people that most sellers don’t want to hear from:

  • New real estate agents who are told by their broker to call For-Sale-By-Owner signs to get some listings.
  • Buyers with bad credit looking for owner financing.
  • Recent real estate seminar graduates who are told to call For-Sale-By-Owner signs to find a deal for zero down..

2) Savvy buyers jot down addresses of homes with real estate signs to ask their agent about, knowing the agent can look up the price and set up a showing through the MLS. These buyers assume that they can’t do that with a FSBO, so they skip it.

3) Buyers who are ready to buy now want to see a wide selection of houses so they can compare and make the best choice. Even buyers who hate real estate agents usually end up using one to buy a house. They figure the seller is paying the commission anyway, and pursuing For-Sale-By-Owner houses is too time-consuming.

4) Many buyers prefer MLS listed homes because they have had bad experiences with For-Sale-By-Owner sellers, and if they see a FSBO sign they won’t call the number.

5) The common perception by buyers is that a FSBO seller is trying to save a real estate commission, not give them bargain, so they have no incentive to call on a FSBO sign..

6) When agents set up showings for a home in MLS, they know that their commission is guaranteed.. When agents show up and see a “For-Sale-By-Owner” yard sign, they tend to skip the showing and drive off. They may assume that either the home is no longer in MLS, or they are afraid the buyer may try to deal direct with the seller and cut them out of their commission.