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San Antonio

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The San Antonio Basics Some Good, Old-Fashioned Population Data. San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas, after Houston. Located in Bexar County, it has a population of 1.3 million people. It’s the home of The Alamo, the River Walk, and the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs. Between 2015 and 2016, San Antonio became the


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Living in Houston, Texas, is a real treat. As one of the most diverse cities in America, Houston proper hosts nearly 2.3 million souls. However, nearly 6.8 million people call the “Greater Houston Area” (as most locals refer to the sprawling metropolis) home. The area covers 9,444 square miles. That’s an area larger than five


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Dallas is ranked as the ninth largest city in the United States and the third largest in Texas. The city is home to approximately 1.3 million people. And if you’re moving to Dallas, we’ve compiled key stats about the city to help you make up your mind easily. Dallas is not a boring city, there

10 Things To Do in Dallas Before School Starts

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As far as school kids are concerned, summer is coming to an end. While the weather has no signs of cooling down, the school will soon be in session. If you’re looking to squeeze a tad bit more fun out of the summer, here are some fun things you can do before school starts. Marvel

Texas Starter Homes (Under $150,000) Are Selling Fast

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Demand for starter homes in Dallas far exceeds the current available inventory. In a report commissioned by Trulia, four Texas cities - Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston - are on the list of Top 10 Mismatched Markets. Leading that list is Dallas, with a surplus of premium homes and a shortage of lower-priced

Why should I upgrade to Full Rep?

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Answer: Because a mistake in the negotiation of a contract can end in a lawsuit. If you are not familiar with the negotiations and legal forms associated with the selling of your property, we strongly suggest you consider the upgrade to Plan B. If you haven't negotiated a real estate contract before, we want you

Should I put a For Sale By Owner FSBO sign in my yard?

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Answer: Absolutely not. A FSBO yard sign can act like a magnet for the all the wrong reasons. Bargain basement or unqualified buyers will kick tires and waste your valuable time. Not only that, but a FSBO yard sign often leads to endless calls from rookie real estate agents trying to convert you into a